A couple of days ago my friend Mike sent me an Ice Bucket Challenge video. That's not surprising, really; with the viral nature of this activity, I'm actually surprised it took so long for someone to challenge me.

The ice bucket is not that tough, despite all the noise some people make. It's over in a few seconds, and it only happens once. Also, there are plenty of people doing this to raise awareness and funds for ALS research. I decided to do something more - and, arguably, more challenging.

Cold Shower Therapy is an idea popularized by Joel Runyon during his quest to "Do Something Impossible". He gave a TEDx talk about cold showers, and said why better than I can. Go watch his talk - it's definitely worth a few minutes of your time, and just might encourage you to try something most people think is crazy.

Taking only cold showers for 30 days is a great way to build up your ability to take on uncomfortable challenges. I've done this before in late 2013, and used that first challenge to push myself into a regular exercise routine.

This time around, I was inspired by Joel's 777 Project, and encouraged by the ALS awareness campaign going viral through ice bucket challenges. I decided to combine the two ideas and start a new cold shower streak.

For each day in a row that I take only cold showers, I will give $1 to support Joel's 777 Project, helping to support the goal of building 7 schools with Pencils of Promise. That means for each month I keep this going, I'll give another $30 or so toward the cause: $1 for each cold shower day.

Today was day 3. So far I'm back to working out daily, and each day I add to the month's tally for the donation. I'll go 30 days to start, then set myself a new goal to accomplish and keep this streak going.

AuthorDaniel Mann