On Boxing Day 2012, over 18,000 unique visitors came here from features on Hacker News and Lifehacker. That was a month's traffic in one day, which has not yet been matched.

I'd like to change that. It's not the popularity or the pageviews I'm after; it's the opportunity to help people with something they want to achieve.

Traffic to one particular post about Dropbox has remained strong, and I get orders of magnitude more views and feedback from that article than the rest of the site combined. In truth, the site as a whole has languished.

Going forward, I will focus on producing instructive, useful articles that help the reader solve a problem or learn something new. Solutions that have helped me, my customers, and friends will be offered to hopefully help others with similar needs.

Other topics may still show up here, but starting today, the focus for this site is on technology solutions to everyday problems. Proceeding with full commitment, I have removed all other types of posts previously published here.

AuthorDaniel Mann