Daniel helps companies and individuals solve problems and create solutions using technology. This site is one of many efforts to carry out that purpose.


"Terran" is based on "terra", Latin for "earth". Therefore, terran can be taken as meaning "from earth" or "earthling", or even "human" or "man". See writings by Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, and many other science fiction authors for further insight and inspiration.

Terran sounds like "Stair" and "In", with the emphasis slightly on the first syllable: ˈterən.

The identities for this site, theterran.com, and the IT consultancy Daniel founded, Terran Enterprises LLC, both originate with "terran".


Daniel Mann is an information technology consultant, systems architect, speaker, blogger, and outdoor enthusiast. He founded and runs Terran Enterprises LLC, a Florida-based IT consultancy in Tallahassee, with a branch office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Daniel especially enjoys adventure sports, including kayaking, scuba, backpacking, climbing, and trail running—activities well suited to Florida and Colorado.

His company, Terran Enterprises LLC, provides IT consulting and services in many specialties, including managed VoIP phone systems; hosted email services with compliance options for medical and financial industries; network infrastructure design, deployment, monitoring, and management; VMware virtualization; SAN storage and shared storage solutions; custom web application design and development; custom SQL database development; backup; and disaster recovery consulting.

Daniel's ultimate goal, and that of his company, is to provide or recommend the best tools available to meet each customer's needs.